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Quick Hits: Reducing Wildlife Hazards Around Water Sources at the Airport

This is the first installment of Digicast's new series called "Quick Hits". This series touches on a variety of topics with helpful information. ...

Duration: 4 min


Risk Assessment Procedures

Dr. Nicholas Carter, Birdstrike Control Program for WBA/CARSAMPAF, and Albert de Hoon, of NATO Wildlife Strike Prevention for Military Aviation ...

Duration: 38 min


Habitat Management

Jim Merchlewitz, Civil Engineer for Advanced Drainage Systems, discussed new techniques to limit surface water, plan and manage stormwater, ...

Duration: 24 min

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Wild Alaska: A Tale of Two Airports

Paul Khera, CM, Southeast Region Airport Safety & Security Officer for Alaska DOT & Public Facilities, reviewed bird strike cases at Klawock ...

Duration: 23 min


Effects of Vehicle Speed on Flight Initiation By Turkey Vultures Feeding on Roads

There are roughly 80 million bird-automobile collisions and 10,000 birdstrikes with aircraft annually in the United States. Travis DeVault, ...

Duration: 27 min


Why Did the Terrapin Cross the Runway?

Laura Francoeur, of The Port Authority of NY and NJ, discussed the terrapin problem at JFK Airport. She reviewed terrapin strikes and the prevention ...

Duration: 20 min


Hot Topic: Avian Radar - Use of Avian Radar Units to Manage Risk at Airports

DFW Airport is the host site of a project sponsored by the FAA and managed by C.E.A.T. The information shared in this presentation involves ...

Duration: 25 min


Strike, Snarge & Safety: Your Guide to Wildlife Strike Reporting

Managing wildlife hazards at airports can be a complex activity. This video is your guide to reporting birdstrikes. You will learn how to collect ...

Duration: 12 min

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