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2023 FAA Headquarters Update for ARFF

Marc Tonnacliff, senior ARFF Specialist for the FAA, offers updates on Fluorine Free Foam acceptance (F3), AC150/5210-6D aircraft fire extinguishing agents additional guidance, ...

Duration: 18 min

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting

Customer Service and ADA Training

Airports are in the service industry and are a customer centric organization. Your goal should be to provide the highest level of customer service to all guests every day. ...

Duration: 13 min

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Airport Administration

Module 18 Part 139.337 Wildlife Hazard Management

Birds and aircraft will always share the skies, and there will always be the risk of collisions. To minimize that risk, airports must be managed to be as unattractive to ...

Duration: 28 min

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Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Airport Operators: Part 3

SMS is a systems level approach for organizational safety and manages hazards by using different operating parts that depend on each other to work together to achieve a goal. ...

Duration: 10 min

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Airport Administration

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