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Module 4 FAR Part 139 for Operations Subpart D 139.301 Records/139.303 Personnel

Proper recordkeeping makes running an airport easier, and the extra effort it takes to formalize daily data not only creates a historical record, but is a FAA requirement. ...

Duration: 5 min

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Airport Sterile Area Security Training

This course describes the security responsibilities and policies for airport employees and tenants with access to only the Sterile Area of an airport as described under TSA ...

Duration: 20 min

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Police/Public Safety/Security

Part 139.319 Airport Familiarization: Non-Movement Area Driver Training

This training video will help you understand the driving procedures and recognize the signs and pavement markings that you will encounter while driving on the Non-Movement ...

Duration: 21 min

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Part 139.319 Aircraft Familiarization: Airbus A330-300

Lt. Tom Littlepage, EVV ARFF, is back with a new edition of Digicast’s Aircraft Familiarization Series. Join us in Pittsburgh at the US Air Maintenance Facilities as Tom ...

Duration: 7 min

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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting

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