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Authorized Signatory
Authorized Signatory
TSA performs a thorough Security Threat Assessment (STA) on every individual applying for or holding airport issued identification media at commercial service airports. Verifying a person’s identity and work authorization status is essential to completing a STA. All organizations with personnel working at an airport requiring identification media must have designated company employees who are authorized to sign paperwork verifying every one of their workers applying for that identification media are a company employee and has a legitimate, work related need for the ID. Authorized signers also assist by ensuring applicants present the correct required documents to airport badging offices for verification. This training will cover the basic requirements and responsibilities of company employees who are designated as authorized signers.
Duration: 18 min
ATSI Test Status:  Test Available
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When is Training Not the Answer? Initiatives to Human Performance Increase Organizational Capacity
When is Training Not the Answer? Initiatives to Human Performance Increase Organizational Capacity
John Keith Wilson, Assistant Professor, and Rene Herron, Associate Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide, examines employee performance improvement strategies from the human performance technologist perspective. Using Weldman’s Performance Pyramid as a model, factors that impact employee performance will be evaluated and strategies to improve organizational performance proposed. As is often the case, performance problems typically have more than one causal factor. Organizations that tend to focus the improvement intervention solely on training can waste valuable resources attempted to correct a performance symptom rather than root cause.
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Duration: 39 min
ATSI Test Status:  No Test Available
Tape Number: 1693-1807
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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
NFPA Updates
NFPA Updates
Ken Holland, Senior Emergency Services Specialist for the NFPA, gave a brief update on the status of several NFPA standards. He provided a basic understanding of where documents are in their process, and the new requirements or changes to existing requirements.
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Duration: 34 min
ATSI Test Status:  No Test Available
Tape Number: 1694-1807
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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
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