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Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Airport Operators: Part 3

SMS is a systems level approach for organizational safety and manages hazards by using different operating parts that depend on each other to work together to achieve a goal. ...

Duration: 10 min

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Airport Administration

Authorized Signatory

TSA performs a thorough Security Threat Assessment (STA) on every individual applying for or holding airport issued identification media at commercial service airports. Verifying ...

Duration: 22 min

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Police/Public Safety/Security

The FAA's Annual Part 139 Airport Certification Safety Inspection Part 2

FAA Lead Certification Safety Inspector Patrick Rogers completes his review of the annual Cert Inspection for Myrtle Beach International Airport. Part 2 of 2.

Duration: 27 min

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Part 139.319 Aircraft Familiarization: Airbus Single Aisle Aircraft 319, 320, 321

Lt. Tom Littlepage, EVV ARFF, is back again with a new edition of Digicast’s Aircraft Familiarization Series. Join us in Pittsburgh at the Maintenance Facilities of US Airways ...

Duration: 15 min

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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting

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