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ATSI stands for the Airport Safety and Training Institute that was founded in 1996 at AAAE.  It is a computer-based training system that enables participants to log ANTN Digicast programming for credit, toward certificates of achievement in multiple areas of training. Credits are earned by passing a certain amount of program based tests, containing questions related to the specific videos watched by the participant. After a certain number of credits are earned, a certificate is awarded. Many airports use these training certificates for promotions, rewards, and special employee acknowledgement.


Each program aired on ANTN Digicast falls into one or more categories. These categories are:

Administration = D
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting = A
Environmental = E
Operations/Maintenance = O
Police/Public Safety/Security = S

Each ANTN Digicast program is worth 1 Viewing Credit. Each test you take is worth 1 Test Credit.


Testing procedures have been improved. Now you can test on each program individually. After you watch a program, go to the ATSI Test Status field next to the video. If a program has a test associated with it, click on take a test. From there you will be taken to a page where you will be able to take a multiple choice test on the program. Once you answer the questions correctly, you will get 1 Test Credit. Don't worry, if you can't pass the test on your first try, you can take the test again!

Once you accumulate enough Testing Credits in a particular Category you will be awarded a Certificate or Plaque. Certificates and/or Plaques are mailed out every 6-8 weeks and go directly to the ATSI Coordinator at your Airport. The ATSI Coordinator is responsible for providing you with your Certificates.

Please Note: All records are reset to zero at the beginning of every year.

Levels of achievement that can be reached in a given Category and the award associated, include:

  • Level 1: Achieved by successfully passing 50 ATSI tests from all ATSI Categories combined.
    An ATSI Certificate will be awarded to the ANTN Digicast member.
  • Level 2: Achieved by successfully passing 100 ATSI tests from all ATSI Categories combined. An ATSI Certificate will be awarded to the ANTN Digicast member.
  • Level 3: Achieved by successfully passing 150 ATSI tests from all ATSI Categories combined. An ATSI Certificate will be awarded to the ANTN Digicast member.


ATSI is available to all employees whose airport is an ANTN Digicast subscriber. You no longer need to submit any forms in order to join! When you create your account on you automatically become an ATSI participant.


Also, we have an Excellence in Airport Training that is awarded to the airport.  The new annual award thresholds for airports on Digicast, are as follows:

Large: 1000 programs watched / minimum 20 users

Medium: 750 programs watched / minimum 15 users

Small: 500 programs watched / minimum 10 users

Non: 250 programs watched / minimum 5 users

GA: 100 programs watched  / no user minimum

If an airport hits these thresholds in a year, it is awarded a plaque congratulating them for their dedication to training excellence.


For more information on ATSI contact or (703) 824-0500 ext. 162.

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